Human Design Coaching

We are energy beings. 

We unknowingly influence other people and they influence us. And that’s ok. We’re social beings and we need each other. But so often do we get lost in that. 

Each of us has an inner compass to guide us into making decisions in our life that we can rely on. 

In our upbringing we have been taught to be wise, to think before we act. And ask experts for advice that have studied for it. Our natural way of moving through life has been ignored. 

We are all unique. Not only do we have a unique appearance, but we also have our own unique strength and destiny in life. But we’ve been taught to adjust, to behave and think like other people to be able to survive in this world. But so often this is where we get lost in life. Since we’re not here to be the same as everybody else. Although life is about adaptation to an ever changing world, we’re not  here to loose ourselves in that. When that happens it can lead to frustration, bitterness, anger or disappointment. Because we try to be something we’re not. 

When you relearn to trust in your own inner compass, life becomes easier, you experience less resistance in your life, life seems to flow more natural. When you become yourself, you naturally find your inner strength in life. When you no longer look elsewhere to give you that sense of fulfillment, you naturally find it. 

That sounds very nice, but how?

This is not a mind game, this is not an idea, this is about living who you are. 

And although may seem vague, it is actually very practical. 

I can show you the way. It is very simple and everybody can do it. 

Give me a call. First 15 minutes for free. And perhaps I can help you.