Jan Groot

Human Design analyst, personal coach

I show you how you operate. A lot of eye openers.

Once you know it, everything will fall into place. And then comes relief, clarification and understanding. So you see that there is nothing wrong with you because you understand how you function and what your path is. What your personal qualities are.

I teach Human Design and support people into becoming themselves by letting go what they’re not and never were. 

I’m not really someone with a big Ego so:


I rather let my clients speak for me

"Jan, in a word is "awesome". His analysis of my chart has been incredible. Not only that, he's a brilliant mentor. I feel very lucky and blessed to have found him. If you are looking for someone for a reading or as a mentor, I could not recommend him highly enough. You're an excellent teacher 😁🤗"
Tracey Bell, bookkeeper
6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator
"Thank you for the courage you gave to me to see myself more clearly!"
Alex Effissen, meditation coach
5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator
“The explanation of Jan puts the behaviour of myself, my children and other relationships in an other perspective. I look with more distance and curiosity and find it easier to attune to them. I feel more relaxed, less need to control. I appreciate Jan’s enthousiasm and honesty. There is no judgement and that feels so safe! Struggles become legitimate which makes self-acceptance so much easier. Looking forward to the next session!” 
Elise de Boer, verpleegkundige en coach
3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator
“Jan Groot is a special man who, with his way of telling (rap, nice choice of words and very effective), explains very clearly who you are. I didn't really want it to stop. With a fine dose of knowledge, he is able to explain what you may have been missing for a lifetime. I trust Janus that with this job you open many special doors for people.”
Ronald Post, entrepeneur
2/4 Emotional Manifestor
“There was always something missing in my personal understanding of Human Design. I still experienced a lot of resistance in my life. Then one day I met Jan Groot - a real gem for me! From the very beginning, our talk was so natural and free-hearted, I felt as if talking to an old friend…I was truly amazed how practical his words were. He just woke me up. I felt a change inside me.. a shift that’s changing my life rigth now… as if I woke up from a long dream.”
Lazarinka Rina, hospital dentist
5/1 Splenic Manifestor
“Jan is such an amazing Human Design analyst! He is one of the best you can find in the Human Design community! He explained my design so well that I’m able to understand it right away. He is also a joy to talk with. I feel truly connected to him. His knowledge in Human Design is so great! I can’t help apprecitate his work! Thank you Jan. Hope you’ll help more people like me!”
Shela Mae, life coach
6/2 Generator
“You describe it so spot on. I really resonate to your perspective, and I would like to emphasise how much your comment made an impact in me. I got loads of gems from it. I’m still processing. Thank you for your input. I appreciate our talk so much…I find I’m left with a deeper apprecitation for who I am & who I’m not….allowing for a deeper relaxation...thank you.” 
Lynne Holliday
5/1 Emotional Projector
“Jan’s Human Design reading was felt by me as having an intuitive sense. Jan’s words have echoed and were processed by my Mind several days after the reading. My relationships and daily chores ALL flow more smoothly. I can only highly recommend having a reading session with HD Jan Groot! Thanks a lot!”
Tatiana Sivenova
1/3 Generator
“Jan helped bring out a few gems. I highly recommend him, bring him some good questions and see where the magical mystery ride takes you.” 
“My boyfriend is completely new to Human Design but he really enjoyed the reading and found plenty of truth in waht Jan had to say. He’s still talking about it! It was an enriching experience for both of us - thank you so much!” 
Nicola Josephine
5/1 Emotional Generator
“Since the reading I have continued working on a shift in my approach to llife. This shift is having profound effects. I experience far less resistance than before and thus am able to achieve goals with greater, ease, maintain healthier relationships, and generally appreciate life on a deeper level. The reading was awesome. Thank you!” 
Gregor Whipps
3/5 Ego Projector
"Last Sunday I had a very compelling explanation of my Human Design personality chart by Jan Groot. This is a kind of map of my personality based on the I'Ching, psychology and astrology. You can find themes about your ambitions, relationships , psyche, personal preferences and energy level. I had been trying to figure out my chart for 2.5 years and had already come a long way, but Jan pointed me very clearly to my blind spots. , unconscious barricades, which I had thrown up for myself, which I have in mind as a vicious mantra: I can do this and that not, because I have to be careful. I can throw this overboard and follow my feeling more. Tasty and he is also a nice sympathetic man. Thank you Jan!
Anne Marie
1/3 Emotional Generator
"I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending the wisdom and clarity contained in Jan Groot's extraordinary readings. I really did not know what to expect when I requested information concerning HDS. I was both surprised and in awe of Jan's in depth knowledge of the system and what set him apart from others is his unique take on life. His candour and wit is as refreshing as it is on point and I cannot sing his praises enough. Jan has the uncanny ability to impart complex information with humour and when digesting life changing information, it's always good to laugh.... "
Henrietta Bryant, filmmaker
1/3 Reflector
“Recently had an inspiring contact with Jan Groot, Human design analyst. A system that assumes that your possibilities and limits are already fixed at the moment you are born. Jan calculated my chart (type) based on date of birth, time and place and explained this in a telephone conversation. With great enthusiasm and humor! Spot on analysis in which I find recognition and also a feeling of 'hehe, that's why I do things the way I do them. I don't have to do anything else because others do this or because I once picked it up and started to demand of myself. ' Also a surprising conclusion about what I was little aware of myself! Thanks Wow Jan, already already🙏
“Jan did a reading for me regarding my profile as a projector. He has taken the time for this extensively, and brings it with a lot of humor. I liked the fact that he names things with the right words. As a result, it came to me even more and it lingers. I am very grateful to him for the carefulness and apply it daily.”
Klaas Jan Dijkman
6/2 Splenic Projector
“In a number of telephone conversations Jan Groot gave me a razor-sharp report on the details of my chart! It was a very pleasant conversation, punctuated with humor and he gave a lot of explanations! My interest has been piqued! Thank you Jan !!”
Carolien Veenhof
4/6 Manifesting Generator
“Jan did a Human Design reading with me and took the time to do this. He is someone with a lot of knowledge and a great sense of humor that makes everything stick to me better. I already knew a thing or two about Human Design, but now I have heard all kinds of new things. Thank you Jan😘”
Kristel van Lieshout
3/5 Generator
“ Just wanted to thank you for the pleasant surprise I received with my design reading...you have a real passion for HD and it beams out of every cell in your body ...I learned a number of things that I went to sleep on.  Although you are across the pond there was never a moment that our language did not resonate ...your English and explanations and examples were quite spot on  actually I felt so at ease with you ...it was like I was talking to an long time friend…”
Tina Farber
3/5 Emotional Projector
“Jan has a lively, positive energy and personality. I felt his professionalism, passion and accessibility. I really appreciated Jan for his welcoming, communicative energy and his humour that he uses with flair. I experience a relief and the best insights about myself than I never felt before. I highly recommend Jan readings for everyone wanting to take their life into the next level or taking back control of their life. Your life will never be the same after Jan reading. It’s life changing!🍀🕊 Thank you so much✨”
Catherine Dos Santos
2/4 Emotional Projector
“Jan inspires with his no nonsense advice. He is respectful, generous with his time. Most importantly he does not hide behind jargon or complex technicalities. Thank you so much.”
Siavash Sevidvash
1/3 Emotional Generator