Be yourself

Human Design is a tool that will help you to live from your own inner guidance. Decisions steer our lives. But how do we make good decisions?

All our lives we’ve been told to think wisely and listen to the experts and following their advice. So we just try.

But without a clear understanding of who we actually are we end up lost and jump in the hope that this time it will be the right choice.

But what if I told you that we all are unique beings with our own unique inner guidance system, that has been part of us from the day we were born?

Human Design provides us with the manual we should have been given all along.

It’s not about learning something new. It’s not about being influenced away from who we are. It’s not listening to authority figures. It’s not even what you think you should do or not.

No, it’s our body’s inner wisdom that’s been here to guide us all along. And since each and every one of us is unique, no advice can bring us that guidance. It is in us.

All our lives we have been taught that we should learn to try to be something different from what we are. Improve ourselves, just do it, make it happen, go for it, jump into new experiences and do it now.

Even though most of us need time. And if we don’t take our time, we feel nervous because we feel pressured or are afraid to miss something. But we ignore it and just jump. Only to find out that the experience was not what we hoped for or strived for. And that can bring us a lot of frustration, bitterness or anger. 

Human Design gives you a clear insight in who you are, in your personal qualities. But also in the traps you’ve been falling in all your life. Not to judge, because that’s not the point. There is nothing to judge. You are you and that’s perfect. 

The point is to show what you can do about it. Not by trying to become something you’re not.

But by falling back into the real you, that has always been there. So you get rid of the resistance and suffering in your life.

Sounds to good to be true?

You know, it’s all about your experience. It’s not about doing what you’re told.

It’s about seeing what it brings you if you just try it.