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    What is Human Design?

    Human Design is a way to make choices as yourself. Not from your mind but from who you are. Choices determine our lives. The right choices lead to a fulfilling life. The wrong choices lead to a life that is not meant for us. Which makes us feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Making choices from our mind is seldom more than a 50/50 estimate and our mind is not a reliable personal decision making system. Human Design shows who you are and who the other is and how we influence each other unconsciously. It shows you what your qualities are, but also where your traps lie. Every person has an inner…

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    Be yourself

    Human Design is a tool that will help you to live from your own inner guidance. Decisions steer our lives. But how do we make good decisions? All our lives we’ve been told to think wisely and listen to the experts and following their advice. So we just try. But without a clear understanding of who we actually are we end up lost and jump in the hope that this time it will be the right choice. But what if I told you that we all are unique beings with our own unique inner guidance system, that has been part of us from the day we were born? Human Design provides…

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