Human Design

Energy Beings

We are energy beings. Unknowingly we influence other people and they influence us, purely by being in each other’s presence. The moment you meet someone, your energy changes, letterly.

Human Design show us that there is energy in us that is consistent and reliable. And parts of us that are open to meeting the other. This is where we’re open and this is where we get conditioned. It’s so easy to get lost in that. 

From the moment of birth our Mind has tried to fix that openness, so we can rely on it. But we are not here to rely on these energies consistently, on the contrary, this is where we meet the outside world and all of the different flavours of it, so we can become wise in it.

Not trying to stick to energy that was never ours in the first place. But this is what we do. And this is where we loose ourselves, trying to be something what we’re not and were never supposed to be.

Natural strategy

Human Design provides a natural strategy to bring us back to our inner guidance. So we can just enjoy all the different flavours in the world without trying to become them.

This brings us back to who we actually are. And allows life to provide us with what has been our birth right from the beginning: Being a unique being in this world with a unique purpose. Without unbearable hardship and frustration. It takes away the unnecessary resistance out of our lives, so we can flow and experience the richness of our lives, without loosing ourselves in the process.


Human beings are conditioned by the outside world from the moment they come out of the whoom. Our parents raise us, our teachers tell us and by the time we can speak we have lost most of our own uniquenes.

Because we have been taught to behave like everybody else, so people will get along with us and we can be succesful in our life. But what we loose in the process is who we are. Our uniqueness. Because that’s what we’re here for, to share our unique vision with the other to inspire them.

Make decisions as yourself

Human Design brings you back to who you are, to who you always were. We’re all unique, with our own strengths and weaknesses. All our lives we’ve tried being what we’re not and this gives us the opportunity to return to our true self. By seeing who we truly are and where we loose ourselves.

But Human Design is not just about seeing, it actually provides us with the tool of how to operate in our lives, so we can let go of the resistance we meet in life.

The practicality of being who you are brings freedom, fulfillment and a sense of purpose in our lives.

Seeing what has been driving us trying to be something than what we actually are brings relief and peace in our lives. Letting go of what you’re not and never were brings a life of peace, success, satisfaction and suprise.

Human Design shows us how we influence each other and how that leads us away from our own nature. And it gives us the manual we should have been handed at birth of how to stay true to ourselves in being who we really are, while moving in the world with less resistance. 

By being our unique self we truly see the world in our own unique way, so we can enrich and inspire other with our unique view on the world. Instead of trying to be like anyone else and loosing ourself doing that.