Making Decisions

When it comes to making decisions a lot of people just jump.

Or feel pressured to decide.

Or are afraid to make decisions at all.

But there is a way for every person to make decisions as themselves. From an inner knowing that makes sure that whatever you decide it will be right for you. 

Sounds crazy?

We all have our own way of making decisions in this life that we can rely on, that will not let us down.

We’ve had it from the day we were born. And its different for everybody.

Yes, we are all unique beings and so are our ways of making decisions.

Once you’ve reconnected to that inborn compass inside of you, no one can ever push you into decisions that you may regret afterwards.

All it takes is the manual you should have been given at birth. But you were not.

We were all told to think before we act. Listen to the experts. And don’t wait too long, or we might miss the deal of our lifetime. So we did as we were told. And not before long, this became the way we made decisions for the rest of our life. And we lost our inborn capacity to decide what is right for us alone and feel relaxed and fulfilled in the outcome, because we could trust it.