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(15 minutes)

Personal Coaching

For any kind of crisis, support or guidance in your Human Design process you can call or text me for an appointment. If you run into problems or need help, just call.  €80 per hour

Relationship Reading

To really understand what drives the other and how you may influence each other unconsciously can take away so much of the frustration, bitterness, guilt en blame out of the relationship. We are all unique beings. And that's not always easy, because we see and experience the world in different ways. €85 per hour

Human Design reading

It's the first step in your Human Design process. It is the foundation of Human Design. Human Design is a way of making decisions as yourself. There's a lot of information available in Human Design. Which can be very interesting. But the basis of Human Design is about living who you truly are. €95 per hour

Your reading will be digitally recorded and sent to you afterwards