What is Human Design?

Human Design is a way to make choices as yourself. Not from your mind but from who you are. Choices determine our lives. The right choices lead to a fulfilling life. The wrong choices lead to a life that is not meant for us. Which makes us feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Making choices from our mind is seldom more than a 50/50 estimate and our mind is not a reliable personal decision making system.

Human Design shows who you are and who the other is and how we influence each other unconsciously. It shows you what your qualities are, but also where your traps lie.

Every person has an inner authority and it is different for everyone, but it is never your mind. We all have learned to make decisions with our minds. But Human Design teaches us that our thoughts are largely determined by what we are not, namely by the unconscious influence of other people. So as long as we make choices based on our thoughts, this often gets us into trouble, because we don’t choose from our strength, but from who we think we are and what we think we should, want or can do.

A Human Design chart or bodygraph is an overview and a manual that gives access to how we are constructed genetically, how we influence the world and how our unique navigation system works. Never before have we had such a clear insight in ourselves. Our conscious and unconscious parts, as well as what we have learned or how we are conditioned to believe who we are, but who we are not.

As the founder, Ra Uru Hu so often said, “You can never trust what you can trust. What you cannot trust you have tried to trust all your life. What you trusted was never who you were. What you have ignored has always been who you were. Try to trust who you really are and see what happens. ”

Your chart shows your specific genetic design. An confirmation of who you are, of how you can be yourself and how to successfully navigate life. It provides the tools to live an awake and conscious life. A simple strategy you can rely on to make decisions. So that your unique destination can unfold naturally.

Your strategy helps to remove resistance (frustration, anger, disappointment and bitterness) and fear of living in a relaxed, unique, creative way.

Your chart provides insight into relationship dynamics such as attraction, understanding/incomprehension and conflicts in yourself and with other people. About how you can treat yourself and each other in a respectful way.

Human Design shows that who we are consists of our conscious (who we think we are) and our subconscious (that which drives us, but which we have no control over and which often surprises us). Our subconscious mind makes up half of who we are. Others see that in us, but we ourselves have no insight or control over it. By making decisions from our mind, we make a decision from that conscious part of us. But by making decisions from our authority, we make a decision out of who we are, including our subconscious. Through which we encounter the right things, people and situations that we are really built for.

We influence each other through who we are as soon as we are around each other. This has far-reaching consequences. Not that we can change it. But understanding exactly how we influence each other can take away a lot of anxiety, frustration, anger, disappointment, pain, misunderstanding, and bitterness out of our thoughts and behaviour toward ourselves and others.
Every person is different and Human Design can literally show that. That is so special about it. It is not a belief or vague New Age assumption. But a mechanical approach of how we actually function as a being, who the other is and how we influence each other. Any time of the day.

But the basic rule is: Don’t believe anything. Don’t just try it. Experience it for yourself and see if you recognize it in your own life and if it works for you.

All my life I have been looking for a system that allows me to understand myself and other people about who we really are and what we are each here for. Because every person is different and has a specific contribution and destination in this life. But as long as we try to be different from who we are, we ignore who we really are and stand next to us instead of in our strength.

We are all different, but the pressure from society to adapt to each other is enormous. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you do not lose your individuality. Almost all of us try to meet the so-called ideal picture that is presented to us:
‘Be active. Know what you want. Be initiative. Get your life under control. Be successful. Work hard. If you don’t do it, someone else will. If you can’t do something, you have to learn it. If you fail it is your own fault, then you have not tried hard enough. Be sensible. Adapt. If you’re not or living in a certain way, make sure to adjust yourself until you are. “

But that does not suit many people. Because we are all different. Maybe we’re not here to all try to look alike and make decisions out of fear of not belonging. But precisely to stand in our strength and enrich the other with our unique insight into life. We all see differently, we see different things. The moment we share all these different views with each other, we enrich each other with an enormous beauty of diversity.

Each of us is here to be different from everyone else. Now we can see that and come into contact with those differences. We are here to live our lives in a unique way and to express our truth. Understanding that can take a huge burden off of our shoulders. How many times have we compared ourselves to someone else? How often have we as a child been compared by a parent to someone else, teacher or friend? Comparing ourselves to others creates a deep sense in us that it is not okay who we are. When we add that to the conditioning in our youth, we find ourselves trying to change or adapt our behavior to please others, which drives us even further away from who we actually are. As soon as we begin to understand and accept who we actually are, something opens in us and relaxes. The layers and layers of conditioning slowly disappear, and who we really are, our inner essence, becomes visible.